It’s funny, but due to living in such a benign and more conformous country, I’ve been appreciating the inherent edginess and contrast present in American society (despite also being glad to be currently free of the many social ills that are borne from these traits). Something about watching Taiwanese (or Korean, or Japanese, etc.) teenagers breakdancing or crunking (well, I don’t think I’ve actually seen anyone *crunk* here) is strange on so many levels. Context is everything.

Although perhaps not as strange as seening a 9 year old kid do it on the NYC subway. Anyhow, even though I’m not much of a hip-hop fan, I have recently found myself listening to a fair amount of “the good old stuff” (bone thugs and harmony, a tribe called quest, black star), to some amusement. especially this one.

Actual post coming soon. And pictures. Everything is still in flux right now. But I do have an apartment–and I can see green, verdant hills enveloping me from all directions, and through the haze (fog? *cough*), the Taipei 101, on occasion.

Just give me another year or so and I should start to have a semblance of a life here.