AK Neifei

This is a collage I recently finished. I’m tentatively naming it the “AK-Menghai Lady.”  The bullets are from a feature article on gun violence that appeared in a separate section the same day as the model pic, shortly after the shooting in Newtown happened. The 內飛 (“neifei,” authentication ticket) is from a ~1990 8972 Menghai Brick I bought just a sample of from Gingko of Life in Teacup, but she generously included. Hence, the name. The rest are business cards of various Taipei tea shops.

I haven’t done something like this in a VERY long time. My art is generally focused on writing, music, and the martial arts. It’s interesting to me that I was inspired to do this. It’s now hanging framed on my wall, but I couldn’t get a good shot of that due to reflection off the glass. I’m happy with the way it turned out, especially since I had no idea that I was even doing something that was going to be completed. I just started working on another one, as part of this apparent, in-creation, series..