This is a picture of a segment of glass-encased billboards at Berkeley city hall. As in, not all of them. Even so, I find it kind of astounding that there are so many of them, side by side. They are filled with notices and that sort of thing, which I suppose, all cities are required to post by law. Still, the sum visual display does strike me as rather antiquated in the modern digital era, particularly in this geographic area which is the largest reason for that era’s existence and proliferation.
Around the corner on this brilliant day, people crammed into the farmers’ market and adjacent park, yet the only people next to these notices were a young mom and her kid, and they didn’t stop to do any reading.
China also has these kind of notices; except they tend to feature two prominent pieces of info not present in the PRB (People’s republic of Berkeley): 1) Ranked listing of local students’ test scores, like veal cuts being graded. 2) Criminals who have recently been executed, with adjoining offense (aside from low test scores).