1) Young, black-multiracial girl smiling beatifically at me as she walks by with a guy. She has wonderful teeth.

2) Indifference

3) Possibly listening nearby, possibly indifferent

4) Young vagrant-guy with tattered clothes and rolled up sleeping bag bobbing his head and smiling at me as he walks by

5) Young, enthusiastic Asian girl who comes up and starts talking to me, and says she’s a recent transplant from NJ. She says she is working on a documentary about people who perform or do something in the public sphere, and wants to know if she can ask me a few questions and film it on her iPhone, which she does. Apparently I’m the first suitable person who has captivated her attention sufficiently to be worthy of this honor.

6) Teenage kid with a mullet and a skateboard, who nods at me as he walks by in the medium distance and calls out, “shred it.”

7) Middle-aged guy with tattooed arms walks up to me, rather closely, and starts speaking. He’s slurring his words. I’m pretty sure that’s a strong beverage he’s nursing.

“I think we’re the same..I play too..just keep playing..you’re adding harmony to the world.”

“Thank you.”