Do you want to see my spaceship?

’Suruç, Suruç, I went to Suruç the other day’, I told the couple that happened to pick me up on the way from Göbekli Tepe to Urfa. Göbekli Tepe is the newly discovered archeological site and possibly the oldest temple on our planet, dating back to an ancient Neolithic civilization of 9,000-10,000 BC. Suruç, on the other hand, is small border town southwest of Urfa, whose population has increased drastically in the past month due to ongoing fighting in the Syrian border town of Kobane and subsequently, large amount of refugees crossing into Turkey every day.

A large army helicopter is roaring in the sky above Göbekli Tepe, heading towards the border.


The driver and his wife start nodding excitedly: ‘Yes, yes, Suruç!’ They then stop on the side of the road to show me selfies with their three daughters and one son and the smoke of Kobane in the background. Here in…

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