Do you want to see my spaceship?

When I feel down and disillusioned, when the world is gray, unicorns stop pooping skittles, the future seems uncertain and all I do feels lame, I travel to Rwanda. In my head. Gasp, you may say, Rwanda – the land of genocide, gorillas and god knows what. In this region, Rwanda is known as the land of thousand hills.

It will probably take Rwanda at least an extra decade to shake off the genocide connotations, because future generations will not learn much history at school about people with machetes who ran around and slaughtered their neighbours. But after all, the genocide memorial in Kigali will stand there forever, reminder of the times of sorrow, and the horrors of genocide will echo in the art of Rwandan creative crowd for a couple of generations to come.

For such a small country, Rwanda has an unbelievable amount of art galleries. If you…

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