Do you want to see my spaceship?

But indeed, I think, we all belong to any countries. And perhaps this habit of much travel, and the engendering of scattered friendships, may prepare the euthanasia of ancient nations.

— Robert Louis Stevenson ‘Silverado Squatters’

When somebody assures you that ‘third world’ is not a derogatory term but a scientific/economic/development one, I call bullshit.

I spoke to several travellers from various countries around the world who live on a less ‘popular’ third-world passport and even try to travel with one. Hey wait, I am one of them!



There are rankings somewhere on the internet that grade world passports according to their ‘power’, depending on how many countries you can enter without a visa, with a stamp on arrival, or even with your national ID instead of the passport. On GoEuro website Scandinavia is winning, with Sweden and Finland occupying the top 2 positions. The GoEuro ranking is…

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