Q: Has being a tree influenced the way you play your sets?
A: I think you know, at first, well, there was that big scene going on at Bristol around 2003-2005 with fungi and all..so yeah, it was quite a good time to be a tree DJ for awhile to be honest but..
Q: I heard you had some trouble booking in the States?
A:Well, I don’t want to come off like a Yankee hater, but they really just did not get it! It was all “Treebeard Trance” and that lot.
Q: But “Selected Ambient Leaves” hit platinum last year..
A: Yeah! I was pleasantly surprised about that. A lot of those were just done for a laugh to be honest, in between my time playing at Skimpy’s (fabled underground cave venue near Orkney), I just wanted to make something that would contrast with the more frenetic feeling going on there.
Q: And how has your setup evolved over the years?
A: Well as you can see, I have the Boomstar there, epic synth there. For awhile I was getting really into the interactive phosphorescent modular stuff those guys are making over at MN, really interesting equipment just not enough stalks.
Q: What do you mean?
A: So many freaking buttons to switch on and get my branches around!
Q: But you’ll be sharing the stage soon with (Detroit legend) Sparky Badger, so I imagine that will help with the setup?
A: Oh yeah, loads, Sparky is great, it really helps having that extra mind and all those other paws for modulation. We’ve had some wicked nights together already.

DJ Tree: May 26, Mighty, 9 PM $25/$35